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Views of Fort DeSoto

One of my favorite places to photograph is Fort DeSoto Park.  Anytime of the morning, day or evening there is so much to see.  

Fort D 089

A Sunrise from the Pier at Fort DeSoto park. 


And the next day from the East Beach at the Park:

Fort D 171

That is the Sunshine Skyway you can see in both photos.  It leads from Tampa Bay to Bradenton, FL.

A few Park residents I saw on my way through the other day:

Double Crested Cormorant   Double Crested Cormorant


Fort D 256  Red Shouldered Hawk


Fort D 262 Yellow Rat Snake.


Fort D 011  Reddish Egret after a very windy landing.


Fort D 006a Pelicans on the rocks.


Fort D 002 

Finally, a sunset from the Gulf Pier.


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